Version: 5.1.6

INTERP_KERNEL.ArcCArcCIntersector Class Reference

#include <InterpKernelGeo2DEdgeArcCircle.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for INTERP_KERNEL.ArcCArcCIntersector:
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Public Member Functions

 ArcCArcCIntersector (const EdgeArcCircle &e1, const EdgeArcCircle &e2)
bool haveTheySameDirection () const
void getPlacements (Node *start, Node *end, TypeOfLocInEdge &whereStart, TypeOfLocInEdge &whereEnd, MergePoints &commonNode) const
void areOverlappedOrOnlyColinears (const Bounds *whereToFind, bool &obviousNoIntersection, bool &areOverlapped)
std::list< IntersectElementgetIntersectionsCharacteristicVal () const

Private Member Functions

double getAngle (Node *node) const
 return angle in ]-Pi;Pi[ - 'node' must be on curve of '_e1'
const EdgeArcCirclegetE1 () const
const EdgeArcCirclegetE2 () const

Static Private Member Functions

static bool areArcsOverlapped (const EdgeArcCircle &a1, const EdgeArcCircle &a2)

Private Attributes

double _dist

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ArcCArcCIntersector::ArcCArcCIntersector ( const EdgeArcCircle e1,
const EdgeArcCircle e2 

Member Function Documentation

bool ArcCArcCIntersector::haveTheySameDirection (  )  const [virtual]
void ArcCArcCIntersector::getPlacements ( Node start,
Node end,
TypeOfLocInEdge whereStart,
TypeOfLocInEdge whereEnd,
MergePoints commonNode 
) const [virtual]
void ArcCArcCIntersector::areOverlappedOrOnlyColinears ( const Bounds whereToFind,
bool &  obviousNoIntersection,
bool &  areOverlapped 
) [virtual]
std::list< IntersectElement > ArcCArcCIntersector::getIntersectionsCharacteristicVal (  )  const [virtual]
double ArcCArcCIntersector::getAngle ( Node node  )  const [private]

return angle in ]-Pi;Pi[ - 'node' must be on curve of '_e1'

Return angle between ]-Pi;Pi[

References INTERP_KERNEL.EdgeArcCircle.getAbsoluteAngleOfNormalizedVect(), and INTERP_KERNEL.ArcCArcCIntersector.getE1().

bool ArcCArcCIntersector::areArcsOverlapped ( const EdgeArcCircle a1,
const EdgeArcCircle a2 
) [static, private]
const EdgeArcCircle& INTERP_KERNEL.ArcCArcCIntersector.getE1 (  )  const [private]
const EdgeArcCircle& INTERP_KERNEL.ArcCArcCIntersector.getE2 (  )  const [private]

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