Version: 5.1.6

INTERP_KERNEL.Interpolation3DSurf Class Reference

#include <Interpolation3DSurf.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Interpolation3DSurf ()
 Interpolation3DSurf (const InterpolationOptions &io)
void setOptions (double precision, int printLevel, double medianPlane, IntersectionType intersectionType, bool doRotate, int orientation=0)
 Function used to set the options for the intersection calculation.
template<class MyMeshType , class MyMatrixRow >
void performAdjustmentOfBB (PlanarIntersector< MyMeshType, MyMatrixRow > *intersector, std::vector< double > &bbox) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

INTERP_KERNEL.Interpolation3DSurf::Interpolation3DSurf (  ) 
INTERP_KERNEL.Interpolation3DSurf::Interpolation3DSurf ( const InterpolationOptions io  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void INTERP_KERNEL.Interpolation3DSurf::setOptions ( double  precision,
int  printLevel,
double  medianPlane,
IntersectionType  intersectionType,
bool  doRotate,
int  orientation = 0 

Function used to set the options for the intersection calculation.

The following options can be modified:

  1. Intersection_type: the type of algorithm to be used in the computation of the cell-cell intersections.
  • Values: Triangle, Convex.
  • Default: Triangle.
  1. MedianPlane: Position of the median plane where both cells will be projected
  • Values: between 0 and 1.
  • Default: 0.5.
  1. DoRotate: rotate the coordinate system such that the target cell is in the Oxy plane.
  • Values: true (necessarilly if Intersection_type=Triangle), false.
  • Default: true (as default Intersection_type=Triangle)
  1. Precision: Level of precision of the computations is precision times the characteristic size of the mesh.
  • Values: positive real number.
  • Default: 1.0E-12.
  1. PrintLevel: Level of verboseness during the computations.
  • Values: interger between 0 and 3.
  • Default: 0.

References INTERP_KERNEL.InterpolationOptions.setDoRotate(), and INTERP_KERNEL.InterpolationOptions.setMedianPlane().

template<class MyMeshType , class MyMatrixRow >
void INTERP_KERNEL.Interpolation3DSurf.performAdjustmentOfBB ( PlanarIntersector< MyMeshType, MyMatrixRow > *  intersector,
std::vector< double > &  bbox 
) const