Version: 5.1.6

INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest Class Reference

Test suite testing some of the low level methods of TransformedTriangle. More...

#include <TransformedTriangleTest.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void setUp ()
 Creates the TransformedTriangle objects used by the tests.
void tearDown ()
 Liberates the transformed triangle objects used by the test suite.
void test_constructor ()
 Tests that _coords has correct values after construction of object is finished.
void test_calcUnstableC ()
 Tests the calculation of double products (without the corrections).
void test_calcUnstableT ()
 Tests the calculation of triple products (without corrections).
void test_calcStableC_Consistency ()
 Tests the consistency correction.

Data Fields

double p1 [3]
double q1 [3]
double r1 [3]
double hp1
double hq1
double hr1
double Hp1
double Hq1
double Hr1
double p2 [3]
double q2 [3]
double r2 [3]
double hp2
double hq2
double hr2
double Hp2
double Hq2
double Hr2
double stable_c2 [24]

Private Types


Private Member Functions

 CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE (TransformedTriangleTest)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_constructor)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_calcUnstableC)
 CPPUNIT_TEST (test_calcUnstableT)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Test suite testing some of the low level methods of TransformedTriangle.

Member Typedef Documentation

Member Function Documentation

INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest.CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE ( TransformedTriangleTest   )  [private]
INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest.CPPUNIT_TEST ( test_constructor   )  [private]
INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest.CPPUNIT_TEST ( test_calcUnstableC   )  [private]
INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest.CPPUNIT_TEST ( test_calcUnstableT   )  [private]
INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest.CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE_END (  )  [private]
void INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest::setUp (  ) 
void INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest::tearDown (  ) 

Liberates the transformed triangle objects used by the test suite.

References INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest.tri1, and INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest.tri2.

void INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest::test_constructor (  ) 
void INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest::test_calcUnstableC (  ) 
void INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest::test_calcUnstableT (  ) 
void INTERP_TEST.TransformedTriangleTest::test_calcStableC_Consistency (  ) 

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