Version: 5.1.6

MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType Class Reference

#include <MEDLoader.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 MEDConnOfOneElemType (INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType type, int *conn, int *index, int *fam, int lgth, int connLgth)
INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType getType () const
int getLength () const
int getConnLength () const
intgetArray () const
intgetIndex () const
intgetFam () const
void setGlobal (int *global)
const intgetGlobal () const
void releaseArray ()

Data Fields

int _lgth
int _conn_lgth
INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType _type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType::MEDConnOfOneElemType ( INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType  type,
int conn,
int index,
int fam,
int  lgth,
int  connLgth 
lgth is the size of fam tab. For classical types conn is size of 'lgth'*number_of_nodes_in_type.
index is optionnal only for polys. Set it to 0 if it is not the case.
connLgth is the size of conn in the case of poly. Unsued if it is not the case.

Member Function Documentation

INTERP_KERNEL::NormalizedCellType MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType.getType (  )  const
int MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType.getLength (  )  const
int MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType.getConnLength (  )  const
int* MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType.getArray (  )  const
int* MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType.getIndex (  )  const
int* MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType.getFam (  )  const
void MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType::setGlobal ( int global  ) 
const int* MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType.getGlobal (  )  const
void MEDLoader.MEDConnOfOneElemType::releaseArray (  ) 

Field Documentation