Version: 5.1.6

MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient Class Reference

#include <COORDINATEClient.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 COORDINATEClient (const SALOME_MED::MESH_ptr m, MED_EN::medModeSwitch Mode)
void blankCopy ()
void fillCopy ()
virtual ~COORDINATEClient ()
virtual const doublegetCoordinates (MED_EN::medModeSwitch Mode)
virtual double getCoordinate (int Number, int Axis)
virtual const doublegetCoordinateAxis (int Axis)
virtual const intgetNodesNumbers () const

Protected Attributes

bool _complete

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MED_EN::medModeSwitch  Mode 

COORDINATEClient constructor

Build an "empty" coordinate object (without the actual coordinate values). The object hold a Corba IOR and get data from it on user demand.

Parameters in : m (Mesh Corba IOR) mode (FULL_ or NO_ interlace)

virtual MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient.~COORDINATEClient (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void COORDINATEClient::blankCopy (  ) 


"(Re)Blank" the coordinate object.

Update fixed sized data from the Corba IOR (dimensions, strings). Get rid of variable sized data (coordinate values). Next call of getCoordinates (for instance) will update the object.

Remplit les informations générales

References MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient._complete, ASSERT, MEDMEM.convertCorbaArray(), MEDMEM.COORDINATE.getSpaceDimension(), MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient.IOR_Mesh, MESSAGE, MEDMEM.COORDINATE.setCoordinatesNames(), MEDMEM.COORDINATE.setCoordinatesSystem(), and MEDMEM.COORDINATE.setCoordinatesUnits().

void COORDINATEClient::fillCopy (  ) 
virtual const double* MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient.getCoordinates ( MED_EN::medModeSwitch  Mode  )  [virtual]

Reimplemented from MEDMEM.COORDINATE.

double COORDINATEClient::getCoordinate ( int  Number,
int  Axis 
) [virtual]

Retourne une coordonnée

Reimplemented from MEDMEM.COORDINATE.

References MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient._complete, TestMedCorba3.d, and MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient.fillCopy().

const double * COORDINATEClient::getCoordinateAxis ( int  Axis  )  [virtual]

Retourne un axe

Reimplemented from MEDMEM.COORDINATE.

References MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient._complete, and MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient.fillCopy().

const int * COORDINATEClient::getNodesNumbers (  )  const [virtual]

Retourne le nombre de noeuds

Reimplemented from MEDMEM.COORDINATE.

References MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient._complete, MESSAGE, and NULL.

Field Documentation

bool MEDMEM.COORDINATEClient._complete [mutable, protected]