Version: 5.1.6

MEDMEM.MESHING Class Reference

#include <MEDMEM_Meshing.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

void setSpaceDimension (const int SpaceDimension)
void setMeshDimension (const int MeshDimension)
void setNumberOfNodes (const int NumberOfNodes)
void setCoordinates (const int SpaceDimension, const int NumberOfNodes, const double *Coordinates, const string System, const MED_EN::medModeSwitch Mode)
void setCoordinatesSystem (const string &System) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void setCoordinatesNames (const string *names)
void setCoordinateName (const string name, const int i)
void setCoordinatesUnits (const string *units)
void setCoordinateUnit (const string unit, const int i)
void setNumberOfTypes (const int NumberOfTypes, const MED_EN::medEntityMesh Entity) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void setTypes (const MED_EN::medGeometryElement *Types, const MED_EN::medEntityMesh Entity) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void setNumberOfElements (const int *NumberOfElements, const MED_EN::medEntityMesh Entity) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void setConnectivity (const int *Connectivity, const MED_EN::medEntityMesh Entity, const MED_EN::medGeometryElement Type) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void setPolygonsConnectivity (const int *ConnectivityIndex, const int *ConnectivityValue, int nbOfPolygons, const MED_EN::medEntityMesh Entity) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void setPolyhedraConnectivity (const int *PolyhedronIndex, const int *FacesIndex, const int *Nodes, int nbOfPolyhedra, const MED_EN::medEntityMesh Entity=MED_EN::MED_CELL) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void setConnectivities (const int *ConnectivityIndex, const int *ConnectivityValue, const MED_EN::medConnectivity ConnectivityType, const MED_EN::medEntityMesh Entity) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)
void addGroup (const GROUP &Group) throw (MEDEXCEPTION)

Detailed Description

This class MESHING is a special class to set a MESH object.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


References MESSAGE_MED.

Member Function Documentation

void MEDMEM.MESHING::setCoordinatesSystem ( const string &  System  )  throw (MEDEXCEPTION)

Sets the system in which coordinates are given (MED_CART,MED_CYL,MED_SPHER).

References LOCALIZED, and NULL.

void MEDMEM.MESHING::setConnectivities ( const int ConnectivityIndex,
const int ConnectivityValue,
const MED_EN::medConnectivity  ConnectivityType,
const MED_EN::medEntityMesh  Entity 


References med_test1.ConnectivityIndex, LOCALIZED, and SCRUTE_MED.