Version: 5.1.6

MEDSPLITTER.UserGraph Class Reference

#include <MEDSPLITTER_UserGraph.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for MEDSPLITTER.UserGraph:
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Public Member Functions

 UserGraph (MEDMEM::MEDSKYLINEARRAY *, const int *, int)
virtual ~UserGraph ()
void partGraph (int, const string &options="")

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

UserGraph::UserGraph ( MEDMEM::MEDSKYLINEARRAY array,
const int partition,
int  n 

constructor that allows to specify the desired partition

partition as table giving the domain number for each cell (domain numbers range from 0 to ndomain-1
n number of cells in the mesh

References medClient_test.index, and MEDSPLITTER.Graph.m_partition.

UserGraph::~UserGraph (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void MEDSPLITTER.UserGraph.partGraph ( int  ,
const string &  options = ""