Version: 5.1.6

MED_EN.ENT_NAME Class Reference

#include <MEDMEM_DriversDef.hxx>

Inherits std::map< int, string >.

Public Member Functions

string & operator[] (const MED_EN::medEntityMesh &c) const

Detailed Description

This Class inherits from map.
It is a constant map association int (which is a med_entite_maillage) and string.
Operator[] returns the (string) name of the type of an entity given by a med_entite_maillage value.
Such a static map is instancied and can be used in any code to have the name of the geometry of an element : MED_FR:ENT_NAME A simple test/use case can be found in test/testUGeoNameMeshEntities.cxx

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

string & MED_EN.ENT_NAME::operator[] ( const MED_EN::medEntityMesh c  )  const