Version: 5.1.6

ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology Class Reference

#include <ExplicitTopology.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ExplicitTopology ()
 ExplicitTopology (const ExplicitTopology &topo, int nbcomponents)
 ExplicitTopology (const ParaMESH &mesh)
virtual ~ExplicitTopology ()
int getNbElements () const
 Retrieves the number of elements for a given topology.
int getNbLocalElements () const
const ProcessorGroupgetProcGroup () const
int localToGlobal (const std::pair< int, int > local) const
int localToGlobal (int) const
 converts local number to a global number
int globalToLocal (int) const
 converts a pair <subdomainid,local> to a global number
void serialize (int *&serializer, int &size) const
void unserialize (const int *serializer, const CommInterface &comm_interface)
int getNbComponents () const

Data Fields

const ProcessorGroup_proc_group
int _nb_elems
int _nb_components
INTERP_KERNEL::HashMap< int, int_glob2loc

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology.ExplicitTopology (  ) 
ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::ExplicitTopology ( const ExplicitTopology topo,
int  nbcomponents 
ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::ExplicitTopology ( const ParaMESH mesh  ) 
ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::~ExplicitTopology (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

int ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::getNbElements (  )  const [virtual]

Retrieves the number of elements for a given topology.

Implements ParaMEDMEM.Topology.

References ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._nb_elems.

int ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::getNbLocalElements (  )  const [virtual]
const ProcessorGroup* ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology.getProcGroup (  )  const [virtual]
int ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology.localToGlobal ( const std::pair< int, int local  )  const
int ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::localToGlobal ( int  local  )  const

converts local number to a global number

References ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._loc2glob.

int ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::globalToLocal ( int  global  )  const

converts a pair <subdomainid,local> to a global number

References ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._glob2loc, and INTERP_KERNEL.HashMap< _Key, _Tp, _HashFn, _EqualKey, _Alloc >.find().

void ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::serialize ( int *&  serializer,
int size 
) const

Serializes the data contained in the Explicit Topology for communication purposes

References ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._loc2glob, and ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._nb_elems.

void ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology::unserialize ( const int serializer,
const CommInterface comm_interface 

Unserializes the data contained in the Explicit Topology after communication. Uses the same structure as the one used for serialize()

References ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._glob2loc, ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._loc2glob, and ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology._nb_elems.

int ParaMEDMEM.ExplicitTopology.getNbComponents (  )  const

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