Version: 5.1.6

ParaMEDMEM.MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0 Class Reference

#include <MEDCouplingFieldDiscretization.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

TypeOfField getEnum () const
MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationclone () const
const char * getStringRepr () const
bool isEqual (const MEDCouplingFieldDiscretization *other, double eps) const
int getNumberOfTuples (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh) const
int getNumberOfMeshPlaces (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh) const
DataArrayIntgetOffsetArr (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh) const
void renumberArraysForCell (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const std::vector< DataArrayDouble * > &arrays, const int *old2NewBg, bool check) throw (INTERP_KERNEL::Exception)
DataArrayDoublegetLocalizationOfDiscValues (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh) const
void checkCompatibilityWithNature (NatureOfField nat) const throw (INTERP_KERNEL::Exception)
void computeMeshRestrictionFromTupleIds (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const int *partBg, const int *partEnd, DataArrayInt *&cellRest)
void checkCoherencyBetween (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const DataArrayDouble *da) const throw (INTERP_KERNEL::Exception)
MEDCouplingFieldDoublegetMeasureField (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, bool isAbs) const
void getValueOn (const DataArrayDouble *arr, const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const double *loc, double *res) const
void getValueOnPos (const DataArrayDouble *arr, const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, int i, int j, int k, double *res) const
DataArrayDoublegetValueOnMulti (const DataArrayDouble *arr, const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const double *loc, int nbOfPoints) const
void renumberValuesOnNodes (double epsOnVals, const int *old2New, DataArrayDouble *arr) const
void renumberValuesOnCells (double epsOnVals, const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const int *old2New, DataArrayDouble *arr) const
void renumberValuesOnCellsR (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const int *new2old, int newSz, DataArrayDouble *arr) const
MEDCouplingMeshbuildSubMeshData (const MEDCouplingMesh *mesh, const int *start, const int *end, DataArrayInt *&di) const

Static Public Attributes

static const char REPR [] = "P0"
static const TypeOfField TYPE = ON_CELLS

Member Function Documentation

TypeOfField MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getEnum (  )  const [virtual]
MEDCouplingFieldDiscretization * MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::clone (  )  const [virtual]
const char * MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getStringRepr (  )  const [virtual]
bool MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::isEqual ( const MEDCouplingFieldDiscretization other,
double  eps 
) const
int MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getNumberOfTuples ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh  )  const [virtual]
int MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getNumberOfMeshPlaces ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh  )  const [virtual]
DataArrayInt * MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getOffsetArr ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh  )  const [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::renumberArraysForCell ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const std::vector< DataArrayDouble * > &  arrays,
const int old2NewBg,
bool  check 
) throw (INTERP_KERNEL::Exception) [virtual]
DataArrayDouble * MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getLocalizationOfDiscValues ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh  )  const [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::checkCompatibilityWithNature ( NatureOfField  nat  )  const throw (INTERP_KERNEL::Exception) [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::computeMeshRestrictionFromTupleIds ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const int partBg,
const int partEnd,
DataArrayInt *&  cellRest 
) [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::checkCoherencyBetween ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const DataArrayDouble da 
) const throw (INTERP_KERNEL::Exception) [virtual]
MEDCouplingFieldDouble * MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getMeasureField ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
bool  isAbs 
) const [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getValueOn ( const DataArrayDouble arr,
const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const double loc,
double res 
) const [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getValueOnPos ( const DataArrayDouble arr,
const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
int  i,
int  j,
int  k,
double res 
) const [virtual]
DataArrayDouble * MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::getValueOnMulti ( const DataArrayDouble arr,
const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const double loc,
int  nbOfPoints 
) const [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::renumberValuesOnNodes ( double  epsOnVals,
const int old2New,
DataArrayDouble arr 
) const [virtual]

Nothing to do. It's not a bug.

Implements ParaMEDMEM.MEDCouplingFieldDiscretization.

void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::renumberValuesOnCells ( double  epsOnVals,
const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const int old2New,
DataArrayDouble arr 
) const [virtual]
void MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::renumberValuesOnCellsR ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const int new2old,
int  newSz,
DataArrayDouble arr 
) const [virtual]
MEDCouplingMesh * MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::buildSubMeshData ( const MEDCouplingMesh mesh,
const int start,
const int end,
DataArrayInt *&  di 
) const [virtual]

This method returns a submesh of 'mesh' instance constituting cell ids contained in array defined as an interval [start;end).

di is an array returned that specifies entity ids (here cells ids) in mesh 'mesh' of entity in returned submesh. Example : The first cell id of returned mesh has the (*di)[0] id in 'mesh'

Implements ParaMEDMEM.MEDCouplingFieldDiscretization.

References ParaMEDMEM.DataArrayInt.alloc(), ParaMEDMEM.MEDCouplingMesh.buildPart(), ParaMEDMEM.DataArrayInt.getPointer(), ParaMEDMEM.MEDCouplingFieldDiscretization.New(), and testMEDMEM.ret.

Field Documentation

const char MEDCouplingFieldDiscretizationP0::REPR = "P0" [static]