Version: 5.1.6

ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping Class Reference

#include <MxN_Mapping.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping:
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Public Member Functions

 MxN_Mapping ()
 MxN_Mapping (const ProcessorGroup &source_group, const ProcessorGroup &target_group, const DECOptions &dec_options)
virtual ~MxN_Mapping ()
void addElementFromSource (int distant_proc, int distant_elem)
void prepareSendRecv ()
void sendRecv (MEDCouplingFieldDouble &field)
void sendRecv (double *sendfield, MEDCouplingFieldDouble &field) const
void reverseSendRecv (double *recvfield, MEDCouplingFieldDouble &field) const
const std::vector< std::pair
< int, int > > & 
getSendingIds () const
const std::vector< int > & getSendProcsOffsets () const
void initialize ()
MPIAccessDECgetAccessDEC ()

Data Fields

int _nb_comps
std::vector< std::pair< int,
int > > 
std::vector< int_recv_ids
std::vector< int_send_proc_offsets
std::vector< int_recv_proc_offsets

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::MxN_Mapping (  ) 
ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::MxN_Mapping ( const ProcessorGroup source_group,
const ProcessorGroup target_group,
const DECOptions dec_options 
ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::~MxN_Mapping (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::addElementFromSource ( int  distant_proc,
int  distant_element 

Method registering a new element for correspondence with a distant element

distant_proc proc rank of the distant processor (in terms of the union group)
distant_element id of the element on the distant processor

References ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping._send_proc_offsets, ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping._sending_ids, ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping._union_group, and ParaMEDMEM.ProcessorGroup.size().

void ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::prepareSendRecv (  ) 
void ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping.sendRecv ( MEDCouplingFieldDouble field  ) 
void ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::sendRecv ( double sendfield,
MEDCouplingFieldDouble field 
) const
void ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::reverseSendRecv ( double recvfield,
MEDCouplingFieldDouble field 
) const
const std::vector<std::pair<int,int> >& ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping.getSendingIds (  )  const
const std::vector<int>& ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping.getSendProcsOffsets (  )  const
void ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping::initialize (  ) 
MPIAccessDEC* ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping.getAccessDEC (  ) 

Field Documentation

std::vector<std::pair<int,int> > ParaMEDMEM.MxN_Mapping._sending_ids