Version: 5.1.6

ParaMEDMEM.ParaFIELD Class Reference

#include <ParaFIELD.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 ParaFIELD (TypeOfField type, TypeOfTimeDiscretization td, ParaMESH *mesh, const ComponentTopology &component_topology)
 Constructing a ParaFIELD from a ParaSUPPORT and a ComponentTopology.
 ParaFIELD (MEDCouplingFieldDouble *field, ParaMESH *sup, const ProcessorGroup &group)
 Constructor creating the ParaFIELD from a given FIELD and a processor group.
virtual ~ParaFIELD ()
void synchronizeTarget (ParaMEDMEM::ParaFIELD *source_field)
void synchronizeSource (ParaMEDMEM::ParaFIELD *target_field)
MEDCouplingFieldDoublegetField () const
void setOwnSupport (bool v) const
DataArrayIntreturnCumulativeGlobalNumbering () const
DataArrayIntreturnGlobalNumbering () const
TopologygetTopology () const
ParaMESHgetSupport () const
int nbComponents () const
double getVolumeIntegral (int icomp, bool isWAbs) const
double getL2Norm () const

Data Fields

ParaMEDMEM::ComponentTopology _component_topology
bool _own_support

Member Function Documentation

MEDCouplingFieldDouble* ParaMEDMEM.ParaFIELD.getField (  )  const
void ParaMEDMEM.ParaFIELD.setOwnSupport ( bool  v  )  const
Topology* ParaMEDMEM.ParaFIELD.getTopology (  )  const
ParaMESH* ParaMEDMEM.ParaFIELD.getSupport (  )  const
double ParaMEDMEM.ParaFIELD.getL2Norm (  )  const

Field Documentation