Version: 5.1.6

ParaMEDMEM.TimeLabel Class Reference

#include <MEDCouplingTimeLabel.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ParaMEDMEM.TimeLabel:
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Public Member Functions

TimeLabeloperator= (const TimeLabel &other)
void declareAsNew () const
 This method should be called when write access has been done on this.
virtual void updateTime () const =0
 This method should be called on high level classes as Field or Mesh to take into acount modifications done in aggragates objects.
unsigned int getTimeOfThis () const
 TimeLabel ()
virtual ~TimeLabel ()
void updateTimeWith (const TimeLabel &other) const

Data Fields

unsigned int _time

Static Public Attributes

static unsigned int GLOBAL_TIME = 0

Detailed Description

Class representing a label of time of the lastely modified part of this. More _time is high more the object has been modified recently.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TimeLabel::TimeLabel (  ) 
TimeLabel::~TimeLabel (  )  [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

TimeLabel & TimeLabel::operator= ( const TimeLabel other  ) 
void TimeLabel::declareAsNew (  )  const

This method should be called when write access has been done on this.

References ParaMEDMEM.TimeLabel._time, and ParaMEDMEM.TimeLabel.GLOBAL_TIME.

virtual void ParaMEDMEM.TimeLabel.updateTime (  )  const [pure virtual]
unsigned int ParaMEDMEM.TimeLabel.getTimeOfThis (  )  const
void TimeLabel::updateTimeWith ( const TimeLabel other  )  const

Field Documentation

unsigned int TimeLabel::GLOBAL_TIME = 0 [static]
unsigned int ParaMEDMEM.TimeLabel._time [mutable]