Version: 5.1.6

multipr.DecimationFilter Class Reference

#include <MULTIPR_DecimationFilter.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for multipr.DecimationFilter:
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Public Member Functions

 DecimationFilter ()
 Builds an empty DecimationFilter (default constructor).
virtual ~DecimationFilter ()
virtual Meshapply (Mesh *pMesh, const char *pArgv, const char *pNameNewMesh)=0
 DecimationFilter (const DecimationFilter &)
DecimationFilteroperator= (const DecimationFilter &)
bool operator== (const DecimationFilter &)

Static Public Member Functions

static DecimationFiltercreate (const char *pFilterName)
 Decimation filter factory.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

multipr.DecimationFilter.DecimationFilter (  ) 

Builds an empty DecimationFilter (default constructor).

virtual multipr.DecimationFilter.~DecimationFilter (  )  [virtual]


Removes everything.

multipr.DecimationFilter.DecimationFilter ( const DecimationFilter  ) 

Member Function Documentation

DecimationFilter * multipr.DecimationFilter::create ( const char *  pFilterName  )  [static]

Decimation filter factory.

Must be used to build any new filter from its name.

pFilterName name of the filter to be instanciated.
a new instance of the given filter.

References NULL.

virtual Mesh* multipr.DecimationFilter.apply ( Mesh pMesh,
const char *  pArgv,
const char *  pNameNewMesh 
) [pure virtual]


Creates a new Mesh by decimating the given Mesh with this DecimationFilter.

pMesh any mesh to be decimated; must not be NULL.
pArgv all the arguments of the filter as a string; must not be NULL.
pNameNewMesh name of the decimated mesh; must not be NULL.
the decimated mesh.

Implemented in multipr.DecimationFilterGradAvg, and multipr.DecimationFilterTreshold.

DecimationFilter& multipr.DecimationFilter.operator= ( const DecimationFilter  ) 
bool multipr.DecimationFilter.operator== ( const DecimationFilter  )