Version: 5.1.6

SALOME_MED.GROUP Interface Reference

import "MED.idl";

Inheritance diagram for SALOME_MED.GROUP:
Inheritance graph

Public Member Functions

long getNumberOfFamilies () raises (SALOME::SALOME_Exception)
Family_array getFamilies () raises (SALOME::SALOME_Exception)
FAMILY getFamily (in long i) raises (SALOME::SALOME_Exception)

Member Function Documentation

long SALOME_MED.GROUP.getNumberOfFamilies (  )  raises (SALOME::SALOME_Exception)

Returns the number of families in this group.

Family_array SALOME_MED.GROUP.getFamilies (  )  raises (SALOME::SALOME_Exception)

Returns an array of all families.

FAMILY SALOME_MED.GROUP.getFamily ( in long  i  )  raises (SALOME::SALOME_Exception)

Returns a reference to the i-th family.

i is bounded by 1 and NumberOfFamilies.