Version: 5.1.6

MED.TTMeshInfo< eVersion > Struct Template Reference

#include <MED_TStructures.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for MED.TTMeshInfo< eVersion >:
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Public Types

typedef TTNameInfo< eVersion > TNameInfoBase

Public Member Functions

 TTMeshInfo (const PMeshInfo &theInfo)
 TTMeshInfo (TInt theDim, const std::string &theValue, EMaillage theType, const std::string &theDesc)
virtual std::string GetDesc () const
virtual void SetDesc (const std::string &theValue)

template<EVersion eVersion>
struct MED::TTMeshInfo< eVersion >

Member Typedef Documentation

template<EVersion eVersion>
typedef TTNameInfo<eVersion> MED.TTMeshInfo< eVersion >.TNameInfoBase

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<EVersion eVersion>
MED.TTMeshInfo< eVersion >.TTMeshInfo ( const PMeshInfo theInfo  ) 
template<EVersion eVersion>
MED.TTMeshInfo< eVersion >.TTMeshInfo ( TInt  theDim,
const std::string &  theValue,
EMaillage  theType,
const std::string &  theDesc 

Member Function Documentation

template<EVersion eVersion>
virtual std::string MED.TTMeshInfo< eVersion >.GetDesc (  )  const [virtual]

Implements MED.TMeshInfo.

References MED.GetString(), and MED.TMeshInfo.myDesc.

template<EVersion eVersion>
virtual void MED.TTMeshInfo< eVersion >.SetDesc ( const std::string &  theValue  )  [virtual]

Implements MED.TMeshInfo.

References MED.TMeshInfo.myDesc, and MED.SetString().