Version: 7.8.0
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Welcome to MEDCoupling!

The MEDCoupling tool gathers several powerful functionalities around the input and output data of simulation codes (meshes and fields mainly).

Example of a field interpolation between two 3D surfacic meshes

The most common usage is to write dedicated code (C++ or Python) linking to the library. However a graphical user interface is also available; for this please refer to the MED module documentation.

  • If you don't know where to start, reading the getting started section and then taking a look at the tutorial is probably a good way to go.
  • If you are looking for a very specific point (how can I build a mesh from scratch, how do I write my data to a file, etc ...), taking a look at the FAQ or at the numerous code examples might help.
  • Finally people looking for the reference documentation of a given function (in C++ or Python) should take a look at the API documentation. Only the C++ functions are documented, but the Python API has been designed to be used in a very similar fashion, provided you are aware of the conventions used.


This documentation is organized as follows: