Version: 7.8.0
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Introduction to MG-Tetra plug-in

MG-Tetra plug-in adds MG-Tetra (former GHS3D) meshing algorithm to the SALOME Mesh module.

MG-Tetra meshing algorithm is destined for:

  • Meshing 3D geometric entities: solids are split into tetrahedral (pyramidal) elements.
  • Generating 3D meshes from 2D meshes (triangles and quadrangles), working without geometrical objects.
MG-Tetra plug-in uses MG-Tetra commercial mesher and requires a license to be used within the Mesh module. To obtain a license, visit

To manage parameters of the MG-Tetra mesher use MG-Tetra Parameters hypothesis and Additional Hypotheses

Also all MG-Tetra functionalities are accessible via MG-Tetra Python interface.

Example of a tetrahedral 3D mesh