Version: 7.8.0
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import batchmode_salome
#import SALOMEDS
aStudy = batchmode_salome.myStudy
#Add new component 'User data'
aBuilder = aStudy.NewBuilder()
aComponent = aBuilder.NewComponent("User data")
anAttr = aBuilder.FindOrCreateAttribute(aComponent, "AttributeName")
anAttrName = anAttr._narrow(SALOMEDS.AttributeName)
anAttrName.SetValue("User data")
#Add a new case 'Case1' to the component 'User data'
aBuilder.AddDirectory("/User data/Case1")
#Set a study context to '/User data/Case1'
aStudy.SetContext("/User data/Case1")
#Print the current study context
print aStudy.GetContext()
#Add a sub directory 'aSubCase' to 'Case1' (under the current context)
#Add a new case 'Case2' to component 'User data'
aBuilder.AddDirectory("/User data/Case2")