Version: 7.8.0
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File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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|o*appli_gen.pyCreate a SALOME application (virtual Salome installation)
|o*killSalome.pyStop all SALOME servers from all sessions by killing them
|o*killSalomeWithPort.pyStop all SALOME servers from given sessions by killing them
|o*showNS.pyDisplay the contents of SALOME naming service
|o*shutdownSalome.pyShutdown all SALOME servers and naming service
|o*waitContainers.pyCommand to wait until containers are launched
|\*waitNS.pyCommand to wait until module catalog server is launched
|o*DSC_Engines.idlInterfaces that permits to add a dynamic port model to the SALOME object model
|o*Logger.idlInterfaces for SALOME logger
|o*nstest.idlInterfaces for naming service test
|o*Palm_Ports.idlThis file contains IDL palm ports declarations
|o*SALOME_Comm.idlThis file contains a set of interfaces used for communication between components
|o*SALOME_Component.idlInterfaces for EngineComponent and Container
|o*SALOME_ContainerManager.idlInterfaces for SALOME Container Manager service
|o*SALOME_Exception.idlThis file contains the objects defining the main exception used in SALOME application
|o*SALOME_GenericObj.idlInterface for common behavior of SALOME transient CORBA objects
|o*SALOME_Launcher.idlInterfaces for SALOME Launcher service
|o*SALOME_ModuleCatalog.idlInterfaces used for getting information from module catalog in SALOME application
|o*SALOME_MPIContainer.idlInterfaces for parallel container
|o*SALOME_MPIObject.idlInterfaces for parallel (MPI) objects
|o*SALOME_PACOExtension.idlInterfaces for Parallel Component and Container using PaCO++
|o*SALOME_Ports.idlThis file contains the IDL base interfaces for ports in the SALOME component model
|o*SALOME_PyNode.idlInterface for remote python execution
|o*SALOME_Registry.idlInterfaces for SALOME registry
|o*SALOME_ResourcesManager.idlInterfaces for SALOME Resources Manager service
|o*SALOME_Session.idlFile that contains interface of the session
|o*SALOME_TestComponent.idlInterface for testing EngineComponent and Container
|o*SALOME_TestModuleCatalog.idlInterfaces for SALOME module catalog test
|o*SALOME_TestMPIComponent.idlInterface to test MPIObject and MPIContainer
|o*SALOMEDS.idlThis file contains a set of interfaces used for creation, management and modification of the Study
|o*SALOMEDS_Attributes.idlThis file contains a set of interfaces for the attributes which can be assigned to SObject
|o*TestNotif.idlFor testing notification service
|\*TypeData.idlData definition for tests