Version: 7.8.0
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Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
oNdsccalciumModule that provides the base class for DSC components implemented in python
oNEnginesThis is a package of interfaces used for connecting new components to SALOME application. It also contains a set of interfaces used for management of MED component in SALOME application
oNNSTESTModule with one interface to test naming service
oNorbmoduleModule that provides a client for SALOME
oNPortsModule that contains interfaces to define the kind of ports provided by the SALOME component model
oNRegistryModule that provides interface to SALOME registry
oNrunSalomeModule that provides services to launch SALOME
oNSALOMEModule SALOME contains all base interfaces of SALOME Kernel
oNsalomeModule salome gives access to Salome ressources
oNSALOME_ComponentPyPython implementation of component interface for Kernel
oNSALOME_ContainerPython implementation of container interface for Kernel
oNSALOME_DriverPyPython implementation of SALOMEDS::Driver interface
oNsalome_iappModule salome gives access to Salome GUI ressources (if GUI has been launched)
oNSALOME_LoggerModule that provides interface to SALOME logger
oNSALOME_ModuleCatalogThe main package of interfaces used for the module catalog in SALOME application
oNSALOME_NamingServicePyModule to manage SALOME naming service from python
oNsalome_sessionModule that provides the SalomeSession object that helps to launch a SALOME script session
oNSALOME_TestModuleCatalogModule to test SALOME_ModuleCatalog
oNSALOME_TYPESThis module contains type definitions for the communication between supervision codes and computation codes in parametric studies
oNsalome_utilsSet of utility functions used by SALOME python scripts
oNSALOMEDSThis package contains the interfaces used for creation, management and modification of the Study
\NUtils_IdentityModule to get information about user and version