Version: 7.8.0
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General presentation of the KERNEL python package

The KERNEL python package essentially contains:

  • Helper functions to manipulate KERNEL objects from python. For example, the module facilitates the manipulation of components and items in SALOME study.
  • General purpose functions for logging and other recurrent stuff in python programming.

Note that these functions either encapsulate the python programming interface of KERNEL core (the CORBA or SWIG interfaces for example) or extend existing utilities as the salome*.py modules.

The functions are distributed in the python package salome.kernel. For example, the usage of the study editor to manipulate some objects can be done with a set of instructions as:

from salome.kernel.studyedit import getStudyEditor
studyEditor = getStudyEditor() # Get an editor for the current study
myStudyComponent = studyEditor.findOrCreateComponent( moduleName,
componentIcon )
myStudyItem = studyEditor.createItem( myStudyComponent,
comment = itemComment,
icon = itemIcon )

The specification of the programming interface of this package is detailed in the part Documentation of the programming interface (API) of this documentation.

The main package salome contains other sub-packages that are distributed with the other SALOME modules. For example, the GEOM module provides the python package salome.geom and SMESH the package salome.smesh.