Version: 7.8.0
Basics_DirUtils.hxx File Reference
#include "SALOME_Basics.hxx"
#include <string>
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namespace  Kernel_Utils


std::string Kernel_Utils::GetBaseName (const std::string &file_path)
std::string Kernel_Utils::GetDirName (const std::string &file_path)
std::string Kernel_Utils::GetTmpDirByEnv (const std::string &tmp_path_env)
std::string Kernel_Utils::GetTmpDirByPath (const std::string &tmp_path)
std::string Kernel_Utils::GetTmpDir ()
std::string Kernel_Utils::GetTmpFileName ()
bool Kernel_Utils::IsExists (const std::string &thePath)
bool Kernel_Utils::IsWritable (const std::string &thePath)
std::string Kernel_Utils::GetDirByPath (const std::string &thePath)
bool Kernel_Utils::IsEmptyDir (const std::string &thePath)