Version: 7.8.0
NamingService_WaitForServerReadiness.hxx File Reference
#include "SALOME_NamingService.hxx"
#include <string>
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void NamingService_WaitForServerReadiness (SALOME_NamingService *NS, std::string serverName)
 Wait until a server is registered in naming service. More...

Function Documentation

void NamingService_WaitForServerReadiness ( SALOME_NamingService NS,
std::string  serverName 

Wait until a server is registered in naming service.

serverNamename of the server to find.
NSSALOME_NamingService object Wait until the given server is ready i.e. is name is found in namingService. Try 40 times, with 500 ms sleep between each try. If Logger is used for traces, it must be ready before this call, because SALOME_NamingService client uses SALOME traces. So, Logger readiness must be checked in Launch script before execution of WaitForServerReadiness.

References ASSERT, SALOME_NamingService::getIORaddr(), INFOS, MESSAGE, and SALOME_NamingService::Resolve().

Referenced by main().