Version: 7.8.0
TraceCollector_WaitForServerReadiness.hxx File Reference
#include <SALOMEconfig.h>
#include <omniORB4/CORBA.h>
#include <string>
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CORBA::Object_ptr TraceCollector_WaitForServerReadiness (CORBA::ORB_ptr theOrb, std::string serverName)
 Wait until a server is registered in naming service. More...

Function Documentation

CORBA::Object_ptr TraceCollector_WaitForServerReadiness ( CORBA::ORB_ptr  orb,
std::string  serverName 

Wait until a server is registered in naming service.

serverNamename of the server to find. When SALOME_NamingService is available, use NamingService_WaitForServerReadiness instead. This function is needed when macro MESSAGE used by SALOME_NamingService is not available (inside LocalTrace methods, for instance !). Direct access to CORBA Name Service. Look for serverName at Name service Root without extensions.

Referenced by SALOMETraceCollector::run().