Version: 7.8.0
HDFattribute Class Reference

#include <HDFattribute.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for HDFattribute:

Public Member Functions

 HDFattribute (char *name, HDFinternalObject *father, hdf_type type, size_t size)
 HDFattribute (char *name, HDFinternalObject *father)
void CreateOnDisk ()
void OpenOnDisk ()
void CloseOnDisk ()
void WriteOnDisk (void *values)
void ReadFromDisk (void *values)
HDFinternalObjectGetFather ()
hdf_type GetType ()
size_t GetSize ()
hdf_idt GetId ()
charGetName ()
virtual hdf_object_type GetObjectType ()

Protected Attributes

hdf_idt _id

Private Attributes

hdf_idt _fid
hdf_type _type
size_t _size

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HDFattribute::HDFattribute ( char name,
HDFinternalObject father,
hdf_type  type,
size_t  size 

References _father, _fid, _size, _type, and HDFobject::GetId().

HDFattribute::HDFattribute ( char name,
HDFinternalObject father 

Member Function Documentation

void HDFattribute::CloseOnDisk ( )
void HDFattribute::CreateOnDisk ( )
HDFinternalObject * HDFattribute::GetFather ( )

References _father.

hdf_object_type HDFobject::GetObjectType ( )

Reimplemented in HDFdataset, HDFgroup, HDFarray, and HDFfile.

References HDF_OBJECT.

Referenced by main().

size_t HDFattribute::GetSize ( )
hdf_type HDFattribute::GetType ( )
void HDFattribute::OpenOnDisk ( )
void HDFattribute::ReadFromDisk ( void *  values)

References HDFobject::_id, and HDFattrRead().

Referenced by SaveAttributeInASCIIfile().

void HDFattribute::WriteOnDisk ( void *  values)

References HDFobject::_id, and HDFattrWrite().

Referenced by CreateAttributeFromASCII(), and main().

Field Documentation

HDFinternalObject* HDFattribute::_father

Referenced by GetFather(), and HDFattribute().

hdf_idt HDFattribute::_fid
size_t HDFattribute::_size

Referenced by CreateOnDisk(), GetSize(), and HDFattribute().

hdf_type HDFattribute::_type

Referenced by CreateOnDisk(), GetType(), and HDFattribute().