Version: 7.8.0
hdfi.h File Reference
#include "HDFtypes.h"
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hdf_idt HDFfileCreate (char *name)
hdf_err HDFfileClose (hdf_idt fid)
hdf_idt HDFfileOpen (char *name, hdf_access_mode access_mode)
hdf_err HDFfileMount (hdf_idt id, const char *name, hdf_idt fid)
hdf_err HDFfileUmount (hdf_idt id, const char *name)
hdf_idt HDFgroupCreate (hdf_idt pid, char *name)
hdf_idt HDFgroupOpen (hdf_idt pid, char *name)
hdf_err HDFgroupClose (hdf_idt id)
hdf_idt HDFdatasetOpen (hdf_idt pid, char *name)
hdf_err HDFdatasetClose (hdf_idt id)
hdf_idt HDFdatasetCreate (hdf_idt pid, char *name, hdf_type type, hdf_size *dimd, int ndim, hdf_byte_order order, hdf_idt arrayId)
hdf_err HDFdatasetWrite (hdf_idt id, void *val)
hdf_err HDFdatasetRead (hdf_idt id, void *val)
hdf_type HDFdatasetGetType (hdf_idt id)
hdf_type HDFarrayGetType (hdf_idt id)
hdf_idt HDFarrayGetTypeId (hdf_idt type_id)
hdf_err HDFarrayClose (hdf_idt id)
int HDFarrayGetnDim (hdf_idt id)
hdf_err HDFarrayGetDim (hdf_idt id, hdf_size dim[])
hdf_idt HDFarrayCreate (hdf_type dataType, int ndim, hdf_size *dim)
int HDFdatasetGetnDim (hdf_idt id)
hdf_err HDFdatasetGetDim (hdf_idt id, hdf_size dim[])
int HDFdatasetGetSize (hdf_idt id)
hdf_byte_order HDFdatasetGetOrder (hdf_idt id)
hdf_idt HDFattrOpen (hdf_idt pid, char *name)
hdf_err HDFattrClose (hdf_idt id)
hdf_idt HDFattrCreate (hdf_idt pid, char *name, hdf_type type, size_t size)
hdf_err HDFattrWrite (hdf_idt id, void *val)
hdf_err HDFattrRead (hdf_idt id, void *val)
hdf_type HDFattrGetType (hdf_idt id)
hdf_type HDFattrGetSize (hdf_idt id)
void HDFerrorModeLock ()
hdf_err HDFnObjects (hdf_idt fid, const char *path, int *n)
hdf_err HDFobjectIdentify (hdf_idt fid, const char *path, int i, char *name)
hdf_err HDFobjectType (hdf_idt id, char *name, hdf_object_type *type)

Function Documentation

hdf_err HDFarrayClose ( hdf_idt  id)

Referenced by HDFarray::CloseOnDisk().

hdf_idt HDFarrayCreate ( hdf_type  dataType,
int  ndim,
hdf_size dim 
hdf_err HDFarrayGetDim ( hdf_idt  id,
hdf_size  dim[] 

Referenced by HDFarray::GetDim().

int HDFarrayGetnDim ( hdf_idt  id)

Referenced by HDFarray::nDim().

hdf_type HDFarrayGetType ( hdf_idt  id)
hdf_idt HDFarrayGetTypeId ( hdf_idt  type_id)

Referenced by HDFarray::HDFarray().

hdf_err HDFattrClose ( hdf_idt  id)

Referenced by HDFattribute::CloseOnDisk(), and main().

hdf_idt HDFattrCreate ( hdf_idt  pid,
char name,
hdf_type  type,
size_t  size 
hdf_type HDFattrGetSize ( hdf_idt  id)

References HDF_NONE.

Referenced by HDFattribute::GetSize().

hdf_type HDFattrGetType ( hdf_idt  id)
hdf_idt HDFattrOpen ( hdf_idt  pid,
char name 

Referenced by main(), and HDFattribute::OpenOnDisk().

hdf_err HDFattrRead ( hdf_idt  id,
void *  val 

Referenced by main(), and HDFattribute::ReadFromDisk().

hdf_err HDFattrWrite ( hdf_idt  id,
void *  val 

Referenced by main(), and HDFattribute::WriteOnDisk().

hdf_err HDFdatasetClose ( hdf_idt  id)

Referenced by HDFdataset::CloseOnDisk(), and main().

hdf_idt HDFdatasetCreate ( hdf_idt  pid,
char name,
hdf_type  type,
hdf_size dimd,
int  ndim,
hdf_byte_order  order,
hdf_idt  arrayId 
hdf_err HDFdatasetGetDim ( hdf_idt  id,
hdf_size  dim[] 
int HDFdatasetGetnDim ( hdf_idt  id)
hdf_byte_order HDFdatasetGetOrder ( hdf_idt  id)

Referenced by HDFdataset::GetOrder().

int HDFdatasetGetSize ( hdf_idt  id)

Referenced by HDFdataset::GetSize().

hdf_type HDFdatasetGetType ( hdf_idt  id)
hdf_idt HDFdatasetOpen ( hdf_idt  pid,
char name 

Referenced by main(), and HDFdataset::OpenOnDisk().

hdf_err HDFdatasetRead ( hdf_idt  id,
void *  val 

Referenced by main(), and HDFdataset::ReadFromDisk().

hdf_err HDFdatasetWrite ( hdf_idt  id,
void *  val 
void HDFerrorModeLock ( )

Referenced by HDFobject::HDFobject(), and main().

hdf_err HDFfileClose ( hdf_idt  fid)
hdf_idt HDFfileCreate ( char name)
hdf_err HDFfileMount ( hdf_idt  id,
const char name,
hdf_idt  fid 

Referenced by HDFgroup::FileMount().

hdf_idt HDFfileOpen ( char name,
hdf_access_mode  access_mode 

References HDF_RDONLY, and HDF_RDWR.

Referenced by HDFgroup::FileMount(), main(), and HDFfile::OpenOnDisk().

hdf_err HDFfileUmount ( hdf_idt  id,
const char name 

Referenced by HDFgroup::FileUnMount().

hdf_err HDFgroupClose ( hdf_idt  id)

Referenced by HDFgroup::CloseOnDisk(), and main().

hdf_idt HDFgroupCreate ( hdf_idt  pid,
char name 

Referenced by HDFgroup::CreateOnDisk(), and main().

hdf_idt HDFgroupOpen ( hdf_idt  pid,
char name 

Referenced by main(), and HDFgroup::OpenOnDisk().

hdf_err HDFnObjects ( hdf_idt  fid,
const char path,
int *  n 
hdf_err HDFobjectIdentify ( hdf_idt  fid,
const char path,
int  i,
char name 
hdf_err HDFobjectType ( hdf_idt  id,
char name,
hdf_object_type type