Version: 7.8.0
Engines::ConnectionManager Interface Reference

Interface of the ConnectionManager. More...

import "DSC_Engines.idl";

Data Structures

exception  BadId
 The Id given to the disconnect method is bad. More...

Public Types

typedef short connectionId
 A connection Id. It's unique. More...

Public Member Functions

connectionId connect (in Engines::DSC uses_component, in string uses_port_name, in Engines::DSC provides_component, in string provides_port_name) raises (Engines::DSC::PortNotDefined, Engines::DSC::BadPortType, Engines::DSC::NilPort)
 Connect a uses port with a provides port. More...
void disconnect (in connectionId id, in Engines::DSC::Message message) raises (Engines::ConnectionManager::BadId, Engines::DSC::PortNotDefined, Engines::DSC::PortNotConnected, Engines::DSC::BadPortReference)
 Release a connection that has been previously created by the ConnectionManager. More...
oneway void ShutdownWithExit ()
 Shutdown the ConnectionManager process. More...
long getPID ()
 Return the PID of the connection manager. More...

Detailed Description

Interface of the ConnectionManager.

It is a helper object for connection operations. The ConnectionManager is used like other services of SALOME (e.g ContainerManager).

Member Typedef Documentation

A connection Id. It's unique.

Member Function Documentation

connectionId Engines::ConnectionManager::connect ( in Engines::DSC  uses_component,
in string  uses_port_name,
in Engines::DSC  provides_component,
in string  provides_port_name 
) raises (Engines::DSC::PortNotDefined, Engines::DSC::BadPortType, Engines::DSC::NilPort)

Connect a uses port with a provides port.

uses_componentThe component that have the uses port.
uses_port_nameuses port's name.
provides_componentThe component that have the provides port.
provides_port_nameprovides port's name.
the id of the connection that the ConnectionManager will use to release this connection when the framework (or a user script, ...) will call ConnectionManager::disconnect.

Release a connection that has been previously created by the ConnectionManager.

idThe id of the connection previously gived by the connect operation of the ConnectionManager.
messagestate associated with the disconnection.
long Engines::ConnectionManager::getPID ( )

Return the PID of the connection manager.

oneway void Engines::ConnectionManager::ShutdownWithExit ( )

Shutdown the ConnectionManager process.