Version: 7.8.0
Engines::fileRef Interface Reference

Interface of fileRef. More...

import "SALOME_Component.idl";

Public Member Functions

Container getContainer ()
boolean addRef (in string machine, in string fileName)
string getRef (in string machine)

Data Fields

readonly attribute string origFileName
 the original file More...
readonly attribute string refMachine
 the machine of the original file More...

Detailed Description

Interface of fileRef.

The fileTransfer and fileRef interfaces provide a file transfer service between different computers.

A fileRef object is associated to an original file (origFileName) on a machine (refMachine). It is created by a container (factoryServer) on refMachine, with createFileRef(in string origFileName) method. The fileRef object maintains a list of (machine,filename) for copies. If a copy exists on myMachine, getRef(myMachine) returns the file name of the copy on myMachine, else returns empy string. If there is no copy on myMachine, method getFileTransfer() from container factoryServer on refMachine provides a fileTransfer object dedicated to CORBA file copy. After the copy, addRef(myMachine, localFileNameOnMyMachine) registers the file name of the copy on myMachine.

Member Function Documentation

boolean Engines::fileRef::addRef ( in string  machine,
in string  fileName 
Container Engines::fileRef::getContainer ( )
string Engines::fileRef::getRef ( in string  machine)

Field Documentation

readonly attribute string Engines::fileRef::origFileName

the original file

readonly attribute string Engines::fileRef::refMachine

the machine of the original file