Version: 7.8.0
Registry::Infos Struct Reference

a struct to collect informations about servers (processes) More...

import "SALOME_Registry.idl";

Data Fields

string name
long pid
string machine
string adip
long uid
string pwname
long tc_start
long tc_hello
long tc_end
long difftime
string cdir
long status
string ior

Detailed Description

a struct to collect informations about servers (processes)

Field Documentation

string Registry::Infos::adip
string Registry::Infos::cdir
long Registry::Infos::difftime
string Registry::Infos::ior

Referenced by RegistryConnexion::add().

string Registry::Infos::machine
string Registry::Infos::name
long Registry::Infos::pid
string Registry::Infos::pwname
long Registry::Infos::status
long Registry::Infos::tc_end
long Registry::Infos::tc_hello
long Registry::Infos::tc_start
long Registry::Infos::uid