Using HexaBlock with the Graphical User Interface (GUI)ΒΆ

HexaBlock is a component of SALOME with an interactive part and has:

  • its own menus and toolboxes,
  • its document zone to represent all kind of objects (vertices, hexahedral, etc.),
  • its graphic zone to visualize the model and the mesh.

It provides the toolset allowing to:

  • Build a model of block:
    • create basic geometrical objects: point, edge, quadrangle, hexahedra,
    • create grid: cartesian, cylindrical, spherical,
    • create a cylinder, a pipe, two intersected cylinders, two intersected pipes, an hemisphere, a rind,
    • remove an hexahedron,
    • replace hexahedrons,
    • disconnect by a point, an edge, a quadrangle,
    • join quadrangles by hexahedra, merge quadrangles,
    • transform or modify by translation, rotation and other symmetries,
    • make quad revolution.
  • Associate a model of block to a geometry:
    • associate vertices of the model of blocks to vertices of a geometry,
    • associate edges of the model of blocks to edges of a geometry,
    • associate quadrangles of the model of blocks to faces of a geometry,
    • associate lines.
  • Generate a mesh:
    • define groups,
    • define laws on propagations,
    • generate an hexahedral mesh.

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