TUI: Definition of point of the geometryΒΆ

Firt you need to define the Geom point you want to associate your vertex to.

Define a point by its coordinates:

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakeVertex(X, Y, Z)

Define a point by reference:

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakeVertexWithRef(Reference, X,Y,Z)

Define a point by an Edge and a Parameter:

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakeVertexOnCurve(Edge,Parameter)

Define a point by an Edge and a Length:

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakeVertexOnCurveByLength(Edge,Length,StartPoint=None)

Define a point by an Edge and Coordinates:

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakeVertexOnCurveByCoord(Edge,X,Y,Z)

Define a point by intersection of two Lines or Wires (or a Wire and a Line):

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakePointOnLinesIntersection(myLine1,myWire1)

Define a point by its position (U-V parameters) on a face:

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakeVertexOnSurface(myFace,myUParameter,myVParameter)

Define a point by its position (Coordinates) on a face:

geom_object_vertex = geompy.MakeVertexOnSurface(myFace,X,Y,Z)

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