Aspect RatioΒΆ

The Aspect Ratio quality criterion for mesh elements reveals the degree of conformity of a mesh element to the regular element of its type (with all edges having the same length).

  • The Aspect Ratio of a triangle 2D element consisting of 3 nodes is calculated by the formula:

  • The Aspect Ratio of a quadrangle 2D element consisting of 4 nodes is calculated using The Verdict Geometric Quality Library available within VTK. The calculation formula is:


To apply the Aspect Ratio quality criterion to your mesh:

  1. Display your mesh in the viewer.

  2. Choose Controls > Face Controls > Aspect Ratio or click Aspect Ratio button in the toolbar.


    Aspect Ratio button

    Your mesh will be displayed in the viewer with its elements colored according to the applied mesh quality control criterion:


See Also a sample TUI Script of an Aspect Ratio operation.