Aspect ratio 3DΒΆ

The Aspect Ratio 3D mesh quality criterion calculates the same parameter as the Aspect Ratio criterion, but it is applied to 3D mesh elements: tetrahedrons, pentahedrons, hexahedrons, etc.

  • The Aspect Ratio of a tetrahedron 3D element defined by vertices {a,b,c,d } is calculated by the formula:

  • Other element types like polyhedron, pentahedron and hexahedron use the following formula:


To apply the Aspect Ratio 3D quality criterion to your mesh:

  1. Display your mesh in the viewer.

  2. Choose Controls > Volume Controls > Aspect Ratio 3D or click “Aspect Ratio 3D” button of the toolbar.


    “Aspect Ratio 3D” button

    Your mesh will be displayed in the viewer with its elements colored according to the applied mesh quality control criterion:


See Also a sample TUI Script of a Aspect Ratio 3D operation.