Convert to/from Quadratic MeshΒΆ

This functionality allows transforming linear meshes (or sub-meshes) to quadratic and vice versa.


that conversion of a sub-mesh most probably will produce a non-conformal mesh. Elements on the boundary between quadratic and linear sub-meshes become (or remain) quadratic.

See Adding Quadratic Elements for more information about quadratic meshes.

To produce a conversion:

  1. Select a mesh or a sub-mesh in the Object Browser or in the Viewer.

  2. From the Modification menu or from the contextual menu in the Object Browser choose Convert to/from Quadratic Mesh item, or click “Convert to/from quadratic” button in the toolbar.


    “Convert to/from quadratic” button

    The following dialog box will appear:

  3. In this dialog box specify:

    • If it is necessary to convert a linear mesh to quadratic or a quadratic mesh to linear. Convert to bi-quadratic creates some types of quadratic elements with additional central nodes: TRIA7, QUAD9 and HEXA27 elements instead of TRIA6, QUAD8, and HEXA20 elements respectively.

    • If it is necessary to place medium nodes of the quadratic mesh on the geometry (meshed shape). This option is relevant for conversion to quadratic provided that the mesh is based on a geometry (not imported from file).


      Linear mesh (coarse mesh on a torus)


      Quadratic mesh

    • Click the Apply or Apply and Close button.

See Also a sample TUI Script of a Convert mesh to/from quadratic operation.