Cut a tetrahedron mesh by a plane

MeshCut works only with MED files and produces MED files, and is a standalone program. It can be used either directly from a command shell outside SALOME, or with a GUI interface in SMESH, provided in a python plugin that needs to be installed in your SALOME application.

MeshCut allows to cut a mesh constituted of linear tetrahedrons by a plane. The tetrahedrons intersected by the plane are cut and replaced by elements of various types, (tetrahedron, pyramid, pentahedron).

Using MeshCut as a standalone program, outside SALOME

MeshCut is a standalone program, reading and producing med files.


MeshCut resuMeshName aboveGroup belowGroup nx ny nz px py pz T

where: = name of the original mesh file in med format = name of the result mesh file in med format
resuMeshName = name of the result mesh
aboveGroup = name of the group of volumes above the cut plane
belowGroups = name of the group of volumes below the cut plane
nx ny nz = vector normal to the cut plane
px py pz = a point of the cut plane
T = 0 < T < 1 : vertices of a tetrahedron are considered as belonging to the cut plane if their distance from the plane is inferior to L*T,
where L is the mean edge size of the tetrahedron

Using MeshCut inside SALOME

When the MeshCut plugin is installed, it can be found in the Mesh menu, sub-menu SMESH_plugins. If the plugin is not installed, the file is in SMESH installation in subdirectory bin/salome/

If there are already plugins defined in a file, this file should be added at the end. If not, copied as ${HOME}/Plugins/ or ${APPLI}/Plugins/ or in ${PLUGINPATH} directory.

From the Mesh menu, sub-menu SMESH_plugins, choose “MeshCut” item The following dialog box will appear:


“MeshCut Plugin dialog box”

See above for the meaning of the parameters.