Group Based on Nodes of Other GroupsΒΆ

To create a standalone group of entities basing on nodes of existing reference groups, in the Mesh menu select Group of underlying entities.

The following dialog box will appear:


In this dialog box specify

  • the resulting Group name,

  • the Elements Type of entities of the resulting group,

  • the criterion of inclusion of a mesh entity to the result group, which is Number of common nodes of the entity and the reference groups:
    • All - include if all nodes are common;
    • Main - include if all corner nodes are common (meaningful for a quadratic mesh)
    • At least one - include if one or more nodes are common
    • Majority - include if half or more nodes are common
  • select reference groups,

  • If Include underlying entities only option is activated an entity can be included if it is based on nodes of one element of a reference group.

In the figure below, there are two reference Volume groups:


Reference groups

In this case the following results for Faces, Edges and Nodes are obtained:







See Also a sample TUI Script of a Creating groups of entities basing on nodes of other groups operation.