Moving nodesΒΆ

In mesh you can define a node at a certain point either * by movement of the node closest to the point or * by movement of a selected node to the point.

To displace a node:

  1. From the Modification menu choose the Move node item or click “Move Node” button in the toolbar.


    “Move Node” button

    The following dialog will appear:


    “Manual node selection”


    “Automatic node selection”

  2. Specify the way of node selection: manually (the first radio button) or automatically (the second radio button).

  3. If the manual method is selected, select a node to move (X, Y, Z fields show the original coordinates of the node) or type the node ID.

  4. Enter the coordinates of the destination point. You can click Update Destination button to set the coordinates of the destination point equal to the coordinates of the node to move.

  5. Activate Preview check-box to show the result of move in the viewer.

  6. Click the Apply or Apply and Close button to confirm the operation.


“The initial mesh”


“The modified mesh”

See Also a sample TUI Script of a Moving Nodes operation.