Scalar Bar propertiesΒΆ

In this dialog you can specify the properties of the scalar bar

  • Scalar Range - in this menu you can specify Min value and Max value of the Scalar Bar, and turn on/off Logarithmic scaling of the scalar bar.


    Logarithmic scale is not applicable in case of negative and zero values in the range. In such cases it is disabled.

  • Font - in this menu you can set type, face and color for the font of Title and Labels of the Scalar Bar

  • Colors & Labels - in this menu you can set the number of colors and the number of labels of the Scalar Bar

  • Orientation - allows choosing between vertical and horizontal orientation of the Scalar Bar.

  • Origin & Size Vertical & Horizontal - allows defining the location (X and Y) and size (Width and Height) of Scalar Bar
    • X: abscissa of the origin (from the left side)
    • Y: ordinate of the origin (from the bottom)
  • Distribution - in this menu you can Show/Hide distribution histogram of the values of the Scalar Bar and specify histogram properties
    • Multicolor the histogram is colored as Scalar Bar
    • Monocolor the histogram is colored as selected with Distribution color selector