This geometrical operation allows to scale in space your mesh or some of its elements.

To scale a mesh:

  1. From the Modification menu choose Transformation -> Scale Transform item.

    One of the following dialogs will appear:

    With one scale factor:


    Or with different scale factors for axes:

  2. In the dialog:
    • specify the IDs of the translated elements:
      • Select the whole mesh, submesh or group activating this checkbox; or
      • choose mesh elements with the mouse in the 3D Viewer. It is possible to select a whole area with a mouse frame; or
      • input the element IDs directly in ID Elements field. The selected elements will be highlighted in the viewer; or
      • apply Filters. Set filter button allows to apply a filter to the selection of elements. See more about filters in the Selection filter library page.
    • specify the base point for scale

    • specify the scale factor

    • specify the conditions of scale:

      • activate Move elements radio button to scale the selected mesh (or elements) without creating a copy;
      • activate Copy elements radio button to duplicate the selected mesh (or elements) and to apply scaling to the copy within the same mesh;
      • activate Create as new mesh radio button to leave the selected mesh (or elements) at its previous location and create a new mesh of the scaled copy of the selected elements; the new mesh appears in the Object Browser with the default name MeshName_scaled (it is possible to change this name in the adjacent box);
      • activate Copy groups checkbox to copy the groups of elements existing in the source mesh to the newly created mesh.
    • activate Preview checkbox to show the result of transformation in the viewer

    • click Apply or Apply and Close button to confirm the operation.

Example of using:

  1. Create quandrangle mesh 3x3 on a simple planar face (200x200)


    and union 3 faces (along axis Z) to group “gr_faces”

  2. Perform scale operation for the whole mesh and create a new mesh:


    result after operation:

  3. Perform scale operation for the whole mesh and copy elements:


    result after operation:

  4. Perform scale operation for a group of faces and copy elements:


    result after operation:

  5. Perform scale operation for two edges and move elements:


    result after operation:

  6. Perform scale operation for one face and move elements:


    result after operation:


See Also a sample TUI Script of a Scale operation.