Split bi-quadratic into linearΒΆ

This functionality allows to split bi-quadratic elements into linear ones without creation of additional nodes.

So that

  • bi-quadratic triangle will be split into 3 linear quadrangles;
  • bi-quadratic quadrangle will be split into 4 linear quadrangles;
  • tri-quadratic hexahedron will be split into 8 linear hexahedra;
  • quadratic segments adjacent to the split bi-quadratic element will be split into 2 liner segments.

“Mesh before and after splitting”

To split bi-quadratic elements into linear:

  1. From the Modification menu choose the Split bi-quadratic into linear item or click “Split bi-quadratic into linear” button in the toolbar.


    “Split bi-quadratic into linear” button

    The following dialog box shall appear:

  2. Select a mesh, groups or sub-meshes in the Object Browser or in the Viewer.

  3. Click the Apply or Apply and Close button.

See Also a sample TUI Script of a Split bi-quadratic into linear operation.