medcoupling user’s manual

medcoupling gathers several powerful functionalities around the input and output data of field-physics-oriented simulation codes. Data manipulated by medcoupling are objects relative to fields for simulation codes.

medcoupling functionalities are accessible through python modules.

medcoupling functionalities can be split into 4 categories:
  1. Data movement: read/write from/to file, reduce, extract, duplicate, aggregate, compare, exchange data memory to memory across process (image of multifile to file)

  2. Data analysis: extract/gather information in data to transform it in a condensate workable data (not necessarely field linked) for further use.

  3. Data conversion: interpolate, project, repare, decimate, format convertion to make discuss simulation codes each other

  4. Data optimization for simulation code : renumbering, partition for multiprocessor codes

First, this documentation introduces fundamental concepts/objects of medcoupling for a better understanding of examples.