Name’s origin

EFICAS is the acronym of ‘ Editeur de FIchier de Commandes et Analyseur Sémantique’. That means that EFICAS allows users to write a parameter file for a code. It handles whith syntax and semantics. It avoids misuse of commands which are not allowed in a given context. It insures integrity of the file.

General Behaviour

  • Catalogs

EFICAS can be used by multiple codes and handles with multiple versions of each code. It is customized with files named “Catalogue” : It contains all commands for a code. Each command has a name and parametres which are defined by developpers.

  • Outputs

Eficas’s output is a commands file named “.comm”. It may be able to produce various file formats such as .xml for OpenTurns. However, you always must have a ‘.comm” output: this is the only format Eficas is able to reread.

Both Command Files and Catalogs are python file. So you have to remind some rules for python syntax