Version: 9.10.0
Python Interface
The former name of MG-Tetra_HPC meshing algorithm is GHS3DPRL and names of the corresponding classes and modules still include "GHS3DPRL".

Python package GHS3DPRLPluginBuilder defines GHS3DPRLPluginBuilder.GHS3DPRL_Algorithm class providing access to the MG-Tetra_HPC meshing algorithm and its parameters.

You can get an instance of this class by calling smeshBuilder.Mesh.Tetrahedron(algo=smeshBuilder.MG_Tetra_HPC) or smeshBuilder.Mesh.Tetrahedron(algo=smeshBuilder.GHS3DPRL). This call creates an algorithm (if not yet exist), assigns it to the mesh and returns an instance of GHS3DPRLPluginBuilder.GHS3DPRL_Algorithm to the caller.

The class of algorithm has methods to set up meshing parameters.