Python Interpreter

SALOME Platform can be launched in the batch mode, without Graphical User Interface, and operated with the use of Python scripts, which can fulfill most of the necessary tasks, however, the process of scripting is quite time consuming and rather error-prone.

This problem has been resolved by the possibility to automatically generate a set of Python scripts from data created with SALOME GUI, which greatly increases the productivity of using SALOME platform in the batch mode. This mechanism can convert a SALOME Study in one or several Python scripts, which can be stored and imported later to re-create the content of the original study. The first script is a SALOME document, which re-creates the SALOME Study, adds the stored Salome components to the SALOME and automatically calls Python scripts of the second type containing component specific Python function calls. This architecture gives great flexibility in manual modification of the generated scripts because you can modify only one of the component specific Python scripts without touching others, thus avoiding expert knowledge of Python API of unused components.

To Dump a SALOME Study in one or several scripts, in the main menu select File –> Dump study. Reversibly, it is possible to load a saved Python Script selecting in the main menu File -> Load Script.