Version: 9.12.0
Running SALOME

Go to the the <HELLO_module_installation_dir> directory and type:

[bash% ] ./bin/salome/runHELLO

This command runs SALOME session configured for KERNEL and the HELLO module. At the end of running, the user will be prompted by the Python interpreter command line configured for SALOME that provides access to SALOME Python API (including CORBA interfaces).

The runHELLO file is a shell script that executes a Python commands running SALOME session by passing arguments to it in a command line:

${KERNEL_ROOT_DIR}/bin/salome/ python -i $HELLO_ROOT_DIR/bin/salome/ --modules=HELLO --killall

These arguments state that the script located in the HELLO module will be used, that the HELLO component will be activated and all previously running SALOME sessions should be shutdowned.

This command will not function unless the following environment variables have previously been set:

export KERNEL_ROOT_DIR=<KERNEL_module_installation_dir>
export HELLO_ROOT_DIR=<HELLO_module_installation_dir>
It is possible that the SALOME run will not reach the end. In some circumstances, the time to start CORBA servers may be long and could exceed the timeout. If the reasons is that the time to load dynamic libraries is long, it is possible that a second run immediately afterwards will be successful.

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