Replace hexahedron

To Replace an hexahedron in the Main Menu select Model -> Operation -> Replace Hexahedron.


Replace Hexahedron Dialog Box

The following data are required:

  • Quad(s) source
    • Quad’s source: the set of quads to be extruded (select quads).

    • s1, s2, s3: vertices from the set of quads. (select vertices).

  • Quad destination
    • d1, d2, d3: vertices which define the target quad. As a result of the operation, each one are replaced: s1->d1, s2->d2, s3->d3 (select vertices).

Here is an example where the source quadrangles and vertices are highlighted:


Source selection

The result is:


Hexa replaced

TUI command: Replace Hexahedron