Version: 9.10.0
Construction, installation

Before building PYHELLO module, please ensure that SALOME environment is set properly. Assume that SALOME environment is set in script. In order to build and install PYHELLO module, you have to perform several steps:

[bash% ] source
[bash% ] mkdir PYHELLO_BUILD
[bash% ] cd PYHELLO_BUILD
[bash% ] cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=<Mode> -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<PYHELLO_module_installation_dir> ../PYHELLO1_SRC
[bash% ] make
[bash% ] make install

The first command sets environment for building project.

Second command creates a build directory for the PYHELLO module. Then next step is to cd to this build directory. From this directory you invoke cmake command, where <Mode> is build mode (Release or Debug), <PYHELLO_module_installation_dir> is a destination folder to install PYHELLO module of SALOME. By default (if CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX option is not given), PYHELLO module will be configured for installation to the /usr directory that requires root permissions to complete the installation.

Next steps - build the package (make) and install it (make install).

On each step, you have to ensure that the operation is finished correctly (no errors raised). After the last step is finished, the PYHELLO module is built and installed to the <PYHELLO_module_installation_dir> directory.

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