Integration of components into SALOME for YACS

This part of the documentation provides information to create SALOME components that can be coupled with YACS, either starting from scratch or by including an existing code.

The first two chapters are tutorials to create SALOME modules with a single “Hello World” type component, implemented in Python (Guide for the development of a SALOME module in Python) or in C++ (Guide for the development of a SALOME module in C++).

The next chapter (Integration of components into the SALOME environment) describes operations to be done to include calculation codes into the SALOME architecture. The fourth chapter (MEDCoupling Calculator Component) shows how to create a SALOME component that uses MED objects.

The next chapter presents a tool (hxx2salome : a SALOME component generator) that automates much of the work to integrate a C++ calculation code, provided that only the dataflow ports are used.

The sixth chapter (Introduction to the DSC programming model for SALOME components) is aimed particularly at persons who would like to develop new datastream ports based on the DSC programming model.

Finally, the last chapter is a Guide for the use of CALCIUM coupling in SALOME. CALCIUM ports are datastream ports predefined in SALOME that simply implement datastream couplings in YACS.