Version: 9.12.0
GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2 Class Reference

#include <GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

Standard_EXPORT GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2 ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT ~GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2 ()
Standard_EXPORT void SetClsf (const Handle(GEOMAlgo_Clsf)&aClsf)
Standard_EXPORT const Handle (GEOMAlgo_Clsf) &Clsf() const
Standard_EXPORT void SetShapeType (const TopAbs_ShapeEnum aST)
Standard_EXPORT TopAbs_ShapeEnum ShapeType () const
Standard_EXPORT void SetState (const GEOMAlgo_State aSF)
Standard_EXPORT GEOMAlgo_State State () const
Standard_EXPORT void SetNbPntsMin (const Standard_Integer aNb)
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Integer NbPntsMin () const
Standard_EXPORT void SetNbPntsMax (const Standard_Integer aNb)
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Integer NbPntsMax () const
virtual Standard_EXPORT void Perform ()
Standard_EXPORT const TopTools_ListOfShape & Shapes () const
Standard_EXPORT const GEOMAlgo_IndexedDataMapOfShapeStateMSS () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_ShapeAlgo
Standard_EXPORT void SetContext (const Handle(IntTools_Context)&theContext)
 Sets cashed geometrical tools
Standard_EXPORT const Handle (IntTools_Context) &Context() const
 Returns cashed geometrical tools
Standard_EXPORT void SetShape (const TopoDS_Shape &aS)
Standard_EXPORT void SetTolerance (const Standard_Real aT)
Standard_EXPORT const TopoDS_Shape & Shape () const
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Real Tolerance () const
Standard_EXPORT const TopoDS_Shape & Result () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_Algo
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Integer ErrorStatus () const
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Integer WarningStatus () const
Standard_EXPORT void ComputeInternalShapes (const Standard_Boolean theFlag)
 Allows to omit of creation of internal shapes (manifold topology). More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual Standard_EXPORT void CheckData ()
Standard_EXPORT void ProcessVertices ()
Standard_EXPORT void ProcessEdges ()
Standard_EXPORT void ProcessFaces ()
Standard_EXPORT void ProcessSolids ()
Standard_EXPORT void InnerPoints (const TopoDS_Face &aF, GEOMAlgo_ListOfPnt &aLP)
Standard_EXPORT void InnerPoints (const TopoDS_Edge &aE, GEOMAlgo_ListOfPnt &aLP)
Standard_EXPORT void InnerPoints (const TopoDS_Edge &aE, const Standard_Integer aNbPnts, GEOMAlgo_ListOfPnt &aLP)
Standard_EXPORT Standard_Boolean BuildTriangulation (const TopoDS_Shape &aS)
 Handle (GEOMAlgo_Clsf) myClsf
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_ShapeAlgo
Standard_EXPORT GEOMAlgo_ShapeAlgo ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT ~GEOMAlgo_ShapeAlgo ()
 Handle (IntTools_Context) myContext
- Protected Member Functions inherited from GEOMAlgo_Algo
Standard_EXPORT GEOMAlgo_Algo ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT ~GEOMAlgo_Algo ()
virtual Standard_EXPORT void CheckResult ()

Protected Attributes

TopAbs_ShapeEnum myShapeType
GEOMAlgo_State myState
Standard_Integer myNbPntsMin
Standard_Integer myNbPntsMax
TopTools_ListOfShape myLS
GEOMAlgo_IndexedDataMapOfShapeState myMSS
- Protected Attributes inherited from GEOMAlgo_ShapeAlgo
TopoDS_Shape myShape
Standard_Real myTolerance
TopoDS_Shape myResult
- Protected Attributes inherited from GEOMAlgo_Algo
Standard_Integer myErrorStatus
Standard_Integer myWarningStatus
Standard_Boolean myComputeInternalShapes

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2()

GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2 ( )

◆ ~GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2()

GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::~GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2 ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ BuildTriangulation()

Standard_Boolean GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::BuildTriangulation ( const TopoDS_Shape &  aS)

References Handle().

◆ CheckData()

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::CheckData ( )

◆ Handle() [1/2]

Standard_EXPORT const GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::Handle ( GEOMAlgo_Clsf  ) const &

◆ Handle() [2/2]

GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::Handle ( GEOMAlgo_Clsf  )

◆ InnerPoints() [1/3]

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::InnerPoints ( const TopoDS_Edge &  aE,
const Standard_Integer  aNbPnts,
GEOMAlgo_ListOfPnt aLP 

References Handle(), and myNbPntsMin.

◆ InnerPoints() [2/3]

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::InnerPoints ( const TopoDS_Edge &  aE,
GEOMAlgo_ListOfPnt aLP 

◆ InnerPoints() [3/3]

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::InnerPoints ( const TopoDS_Face &  aF,
GEOMAlgo_ListOfPnt aLP 

◆ MSS()

const GEOMAlgo_IndexedDataMapOfShapeState & GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::MSS ( ) const

References myMSS.

◆ NbPntsMax()

Standard_Integer GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::NbPntsMax ( ) const

References myNbPntsMax.

◆ NbPntsMin()

Standard_Integer GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::NbPntsMin ( ) const

References myNbPntsMin.

◆ Perform()

◆ ProcessEdges()

◆ ProcessFaces()

◆ ProcessSolids()

◆ ProcessVertices()

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::ProcessVertices ( )

◆ SetClsf()

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::SetClsf ( const Handle(GEOMAlgo_Clsf)&  aClsf)

◆ SetNbPntsMax()

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::SetNbPntsMax ( const Standard_Integer  aNb)

References myNbPntsMax.

◆ SetNbPntsMin()

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::SetNbPntsMin ( const Standard_Integer  aNb)

References myNbPntsMin.

◆ SetShapeType()

Standard_EXPORT void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::SetShapeType ( const TopAbs_ShapeEnum  aST)

◆ SetState()

void GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::SetState ( const GEOMAlgo_State  aSF)

References myState.

◆ Shapes()

const TopTools_ListOfShape & GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::Shapes ( ) const

References myLS, myMSS, and myShapeType.

◆ ShapeType()

TopAbs_ShapeEnum GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::ShapeType ( ) const

References myShapeType.

◆ State()

GEOMAlgo_State GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::State ( ) const

References myState.

Member Data Documentation

◆ myLS

TopTools_ListOfShape GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::myLS

◆ myMSS

GEOMAlgo_IndexedDataMapOfShapeState GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::myMSS

◆ myNbPntsMax

Standard_Integer GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::myNbPntsMax

◆ myNbPntsMin

Standard_Integer GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::myNbPntsMin

◆ myShapeType

TopAbs_ShapeEnum GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::myShapeType

◆ myState

GEOMAlgo_State GEOMAlgo_FinderShapeOn2::myState

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